Area of Expertise  

  "Jin Hwang and his team at Crest successfully added ATA Ultra66 suport to a Quantum HDC ASIC on a very short schedule. Crest was able to move from product definition to PG in ten weeks. The quality of Crest's work allowed Quantum to move through our product maturation process in half the normal time. Crest provided aggressive, quick solutions to problems caused by our silicon vendor. I found Crest to be a full service, high quality design shop, providing design expertise, and quite capable of working independently and delivering working silicon"

Rob Platko
Quantum Corporation

  "The packet forwarding ASIC environment is one of the most technically complex and demanding in the IC design business. The system architectures involving handling the packets and the momory system interfaces are leading edge and challenging to the best of ASIC designers. Entridia Corporation contracted with Crest Microsystems for one of our critical devices. Having had a less than positive experience with another contract design house, we had concerns with engaging with yet another one. Our concerns were groundless relative to Jin and his team at Crest. They took responsibility for the project (design, RTL, simulation, netlist and tapeout) worked closely with our team and delivered a spec compilant product as they had committed to do. Confronted with similar challenges in the future I would not hesitate to sign them up again."

Terry Holdt    Chairman, Presiden and CEO
Entridia Corporation
                  April 2001
Trade Record
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