ASIC DESIGN              


Area of Expertise  

  • Multiple multi-million devices in the fields for customers

  • Successfully accomplished various tasks in the following applications:

        ATAPI protocol device
         RS ECC for magnetic and optical storage

         CD-ROM device
         Viterbi data detectors, PR4, EPR4, 128/256-state
         64 bit PCI/PCIX disk array controller
         Wire speed router companion device
         Magnetic storage controller
         ML optical storge R/W channel device

    Physical Coding Sublayer for high speed serial interface
         GPS base band devie
         Medical implant device
         Sensors/Transducer device

         Tape storage controllers
         Cellular phone baseband device
         Network storage device
         Media player device
         Elastic buffers (IPs) for 10 G Ethernet
         Matlab model for representative UWB base band application (IPs)
         FFT/IFFT for OFDM (IPs)
         Complete serial channel for SATA (IPs)
         Giga bit/sec Transceivers (IPs)           
  • Design verification for complex multi-million gate embedded multi-core SoC applications

  • CoT and ASIC design implementations for volume production at world-class foundry
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